Codeigniter Development Tool

Codeigniter is a remarkable open PHP framework, empowering programmers to create robust and scalable applications and websites. It is a fast, efficient tool for speedy development of complex web products. With the help of its library filled with many useful features, a developer can create middle scale applications within minutes. This powerful platform can effectively manage multiple databases within a single application.

codeigniter (1)

Codeigniter is easy to use – it allows the developer to fix coding mistakes instantly and the interface is user-friendly with a lot of ‘helper’ functions to create a flexible and secure web product.

Codeigniter is non-restrictive – there are no complex coding rules; a developer can write their own codes and naming conventions thereby making applications compatible across web servers.

Codeigniter is clearly documented – the ‘how to guides’, set of references and other commanding functionalities makes development easy and reliable.

Codeigniter is high on performance – based and supporting the MCV architecture, this lightweight PHP framework guarantees high performance while creating web products.


There are many more reasons as to why we are using Codeigniter for years to build websites and applications. Ssquares Interactive’s CodeIgniter development team  is tech obsessed, skillful and dedicated to delivering flawless projects. Our expertise, methodology, and expectation of our customers have been proven successful time and again. We are fully armed to work on every size, level or aspect of a project with great precision and finesse.

We believe in long-term relationship with our clients by providing them:

  • Error free implementation
  • Speedy development
  • Multiple platform support
  • 100% project delivery ratio at affordable cost
  • Round the clock technical supports with several modes of communication
  • Maintaining information confidentiality

We start our magical work by first planning the entire development process, then building a rich, interactive visual experience. The most important stage of coding then comes into play, after which successive regression testing and end-user acceptance testing is done. Finally, we deploy your web product to the target platform and offer an ongoing maintenance service.

We are dedicated to delivering polished and flawless projects in line with the requirements of our customers. Contact us for more information.


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