CodeIgniter Development

Do you want to make your presence felt globally? Do you want to reach out to maximum number of potential customers all around the world? Create an extraordinary website to showcase your business skills. Make use of CodeIgniter to develop highly functional, full featured and dynamic PHP based websites quickly.


CodeIgniter was developed around 11 years ago, specifically to taking away the complexity of PHP programming and offering sophisticated yet simple solutions in its place. It known for its exceptional performance and for being the fastest PHP based platform for web applications. It supports numerous databases like MySQL, MS SQL, Postgre, Oracle, SQLite, MySQLi and ODBC. It is based on Model-view-controller (MVC). It offers simple toolkit and rich set of libraries to develop applications and websites comfortably. Most of the web development companies prefer CodeIgniter based on PHP framework for developing intricate, user friendly and dynamic web applications and websites.

Why choose CodeIgniter Application Development?

  • Outstanding performance with clear, on point and detailed documentation
  • Variety of compatibility choices with standard hosting
  • Supports numerous databases
  • Simple & elegant programming procedure with no restriction on coding
  • Better ranking because of search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Simple & user-friendly debugging process
  • Close to zero configuration needed
  • Comes with a substitution based templating tool.
  • A lean MVC framework with no large-scale monolithic libraries
  • Easy to install and use
  • Best for applications utilizing multiple platforms
  • Auto loading, build in data validation and supports a wide array of helper functions

If you are looking CodeIgniter development company for developing highly functional and easy to operate websites, you should opt for Ssquare Interactive. They are known for their extensive support & maintenance on CodeIgniter projects. They boast of a team of highly dedicated, skilled and motivated CodeIgniter developers. They offer highly competitive pricing packages.


Following is a list of services offered by the talented team of CodeIgniter developers at Ssquares Interactive:

  • CodeIgniter web applications development services
  • CodeIgniter website development services
  • Integration Services using CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter application migration services
  • Portal development using CodeIgniter
  • Upgradation services
  • 24 x7 maintenance and support

Discuss the needs and requirements of your project with Ssquare Interactive Team now!


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